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Is Probate Required if There is a Will?
When is Probate Necessary in New York?
Best Estate Planning Lawyers in Brooklyn: Why it is important?
Do I need an Estate Plan?
Estate Planning for a Married Couple: How to do it?
Estate Planning for Business: Why it is Important?
What is Estate Planning?
What does an Estate Plan include?
Is Estate Planning only for the Wealthy?
Estate Planning for Singles: Widowed, Divorced, and Never Married!
Estate Planning for Pets: Why it is important?
Estate Planning for Children: How to do it right?
Estate Planning Checklist: Important Guidelines & Details!
Estate Planning for Business: Why it is Important?
What Is Estate Planning?
What Does an Estate Plan Include?
Is Estate Planning Only For the Wealthy?
Estate Planning for Pets: Why You Need To Do It?
Estate Planning for Children
Estate Planning for Singles
Estate Planning Tips for A Married Couple
Do I Need an Estate Plan?
Estate Planning for Business
Estate Planning Lawyer
/Common estate planning scams you must ignore
Benefits of Estate Planning for Low Income Individuals
Why Estate Planning for Minors is Important?
Estate Planning for New Parents & Couples!
How to do Estate Planning for Non-US citizens?
How to do Estate Planning for Separated Spouse?
Estate Planning for Young Families & Couples!
Estate Planning Goals For Blended Families
What is Estate Planning in a Digital Age?
Estate Planning Strategy In The Digital World
Importance of Estate Planning In the Down Economy!
Estate Planning Is The Best Tool to Save Inheritance Tax
Estate Planning Process & Step by Step Guide!
Why Estate Planning for Elderly Parents is Important?
How to do Estate Planning for Digital Assets?
Estate Planning for Childless Couples & How to do it?
Custom Web Design
Estate Planning Errors to Stay Away From
Estate Planning Documents: All Must Have Important Docs in Details!
Estate Planning At Different Ages
Estate Planning and the Military; Understand the Importance!
Estate Planning: What happens when your spouse dies?
Estate Planning: Living Trusts vs. Will Difference & Importance!
Estate Planning Errors Through Digital Means
Do You Need A Probate Attorney After Estate Planning
Do Retirement Accounts Go Through Probate?
Estate Planning: Difference between a Will and a Trust!
Challenging Estate Plans – Fraud
Estate Planning: Difference between a Living Will & Power of Attorney

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here at the Eco Dental, we go out of our way to make sure every child visiting our dental office enjoys the happy dental visit as much as possible.

Our office has specifically been designed to appeal to our young client with lots of child oriented images on the walls and a whole wealth of toys to keep them entertained in the waiting area.

If you remember visiting an adult dentist when you were young and feeling overwhelmed at the experience, then you’ll appreciate the dramatically different treatment a child will receive in a child oriented pediatric dental office.

How We Can Help You to Get Happy Dental Visit

We do strongly suggest that children visit Dr. Max or another of our great pediatric dentists as soon as they get their first tooth or by age one.

We are all very gentle with children but this first dental visit is important as we will want to ensure their teeth and jaws are forming correctly and that there are no signs of problems. It is a great opportunity for a young child to get used to happy dental visit a brand new environment and to become accustomed to all the new sights and smells.

We also welcome the chance to get to know new parents and we can offer lots of advice on home dental care if required.

Visiting Our Dental Office with an Older Child

If you have an older child and are visiting our dental office for the first time, then we will make sure your kid feels relaxed as possible and have happy dental visit, particularly if they are nervous or have experienced dental problems in the past.

If your child does feel nervous then it is worth letting us know beforehand so we can take extra special care of them. We may also suggest additional kids sedation dentistry if they require any treatment.

As a caregiver or parent, you can help by ensuring you speak about dental visits in a positive light, no matter your own experiences of dental care. We know lots of adults struggle with seeing a dentist and can inadvertently pass on this problem to their children through letting them see their own fears and odontophobia about dental care.

How We Can Help With Oral Care at Home

Would you like to know how to clean your child’s teeth effectively and without any struggles? We can help you. Our friendly dental team can also offer advice on your child’s diet and how best to keep their teeth healthy and strong with good preventative dentistry.

If your kid is older we can teach them how to brush and floss effectively in a way that is fun and informative so they can develop good oral care habits that will last, we hope, for life.

We know good dental care begins young and it doesn’t need to be complicated or scary. By bringing your child to visit our dental office, you will be giving them the happy dental visit and chance of enjoying healthy teeth for life and without any fears or phobias.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”3em”][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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